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Wine Tours in Bordeaux

Want to immerse yourself in true French charm and experience the unique French “l’art de vivre” ? Then forget the usual tourist routes and travel off the beaten path to discover the French countryside you haven’t seen - the winemaking region of Bordeaux!

The recipe is simple: in order to have the best wine-tasting experience, you must enjoy the Bordeaux wines where they are made.  The mysteries of their origins will be revealed, and the wines’ history, process, unique « terroir » spirit, and bouquet of flavors will captivate your imagination and your taste buds. You will find that the only thing better then tasting «Haut Brion» is tasting it in Chateau Haut Brion!

The BordoGrandCru team will be your knowledgeable, reliable partner and will help you traverse and discover the magical world of wine: its history, terroir, grape varieties, appellations and classifications.

Our team will also unveil every other delight Bordeaux has to offer, from strolling over the medieval paved streets of St. Emilion to exploring the sea of vineyards and the magical atmosphere of the Medoc. You can climb the highest dune in Europe, discover the Arcachon Bay on a boat-pinasse, and taste the sumptuous flavors of the region by eating, drinking, and meeting the winemakers in their element. You’ll learn legendary winemaking techniques and be enveloped in the wonderful mystique of Bordeaux!

Bordo Grand Cru – Your Essential Guide in Bordeaux and Aquitaine!

Our Wine Tours
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    Tailor-made trip to Bordeaux

    "Sleeping Beauty", "Port of the Moon" - Bordeaux is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and therefore in the world

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    Tailor-made tour in Saint Emilion

    A unique and harmonious creation of both nature and mankind, the Saint-Émilion landscape bears witness to centuries of history. According to UNESCO, "the Jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion is an outstanding example of an historic vineyard landscape that has survived intact and in activity to the present day"

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    Medoc journey

    Rare opportunity to visit the Grand Wine Estates and little family productions

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    Arcachon journey

    Arcachon bay- a perfect place for summer holidays. A piece of absolute freedom and happiness

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    Sauternes and Graves journey

    The most precious sweet wines in the world are producted here in Sauternes

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    Cognac journey

    From Winston Churchill to Snoop Dogg, whether you're rolling around Long Beach or defeating Hitler, it pays to know your XOs from your VSOPs.

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Week-end Bicolores in Graves

There are few places where terroir truly affects production but Ch?teau Haut-Bailly is definitely one of those. Ch?teau Haut-Bailly has a distinctive style that harmoniously combines classicism with modernity, elegance, finesse and softness with structure. The silky smoothness of the tannins echoes the elegant yet complex aromas.

The Mariinsky in Bordeaux

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